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Effective July 1st 2022, the Darke County Sheriff's Office will conduct the sale of all real estate subject to foreclosure online through the "Official Foreclosure Auction Site" operated by Realauction. Pursuant to House Bill 390, this new process is in accordance with the contract between Realauction and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.

For detailed information on electronic foreclosure sales and bidder training please contact Realauction at (877) 361-7325,

or  Our electronic foreclosure auction web address is which will be active and available for registration June 7th, 2022. Please note that it is the responsibility of any prospective bidder to familiarize themselves with the new procedures.

The purchaser receives property "as is," caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Prior to the sale, most properties are appraised from the outside only. It’s important to realize that the Sheriff is just selling the house per court orders and we do not have keys, nor can we give you any rights to tour the house before a potential buy. It is the purchaser's responsibility to check the property for back taxes, delinquent utility bills, liens, or any additional cost associated with the property.

All sales will be advertised in the Early Bird newspaper for a minimum of three consecutive weeks prior to sale. The Sheriff's Office does not mail out or provide any list of properties or other information about purchasing a foreclosed property.


Mortgage Foreclosure sales are scheduled on Fridays and start promptly at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (EST). An auction will take place for each listed property; however, the system will only sell one property at a time. After a property sells, the next scheduled property sale will begin.

Opening bid is 2/3 of the appraised property value, and the minimum bidding increment is $100.00. Mortgage foreclosure bidders must submit a required deposit for each property prior to the sale. The deposit requirement is based on the appraised property value.

If appraised property value is ≤ $10,000, the deposit = $2,000
If appraised property value is > $10,000 but ≤ $200,000, the deposit = $5,000
If appraised property value is > $200,000, the deposit = $10,000.


All Wire Deposits must be received by 5 PM EST two (2) business days before the auction sale date.

All ACH Deposits must be initiated by 4 PM EST five (5) business days before the auction sale date.

It is the responsibility of the bidder to allow enough time for their bidding deposits to be received and processed within the timeframes described above.


NOTE: In-person auction will continue to be held for all Treasurer Tax Sales until further notice. The auctions will continue to be held at The Darke County Commissioners building 520 S Broadway, Greenville OH 45331.

The successful bidder must deposit 15% of purchase price the day of the sale.


The unpaid balance of the purchase price must be paid to the Darke County Sheriff by certified or cashier's check within thirty (30) days from the filing of the confirmation entry for Mortgage foreclosures sales and Tax Lien Sales. Purchasers failing to provide the balance due within those 30 days for mortgage foreclosure sales and tax lien sales are at risk of initiating contempt proceedings and forfeiting the deposit. The plaintiffs' attorney will prepare the confirmation entry and the deed. The Darke County Sheriff's Office will transfer and record all deeds within 14 days of receiving the deed, confirmation entry, and final payment.

Purchaser may take ownership once the deed has been transferred and recorded. If the property is occupied, the purchaser must file a Writ of Possession (eviction) through the Clerk of Courts to have occupants forcibly removed.

You may contact Myles Linderman at (937) 547-4603 during normal business hours for detailed information on the sales. Hours are Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM. (closed holidays)

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