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The Darke County Correctional Facility is a 36 bed, non smoking, county owned jail located just outside of Greenville, Ohio.

Visiting Hours 

Inmates are encouraged to have visitation with family and friends. Listed here are some of the specifics for visitation. Please call before visitation if you have questions.


Sundays- 1 PM to 4 PM     

Wednesdays 1 PM to 4 PM and 7 PM to 9:30 PM

  • Inmates receive two 15 min. visits per week. 

  • Inmates receive only one visit per visitation period. 

  • Only 2 visitors in a booth at a time.

  • NO ITEMS are permitted in the visitation booth (Purses, Photographs, Phones)

  • Visitors must be on an approved visitor list (Visitation Sheet) that the inmate fills out and turns in. 

  • A maximum of 4 names will be allowed on a visitation sheet. Inmates may change names on Fridays only.

  • Visitors must wear proper attire to be permitted a visit. (Mini Skirts & Revealing or Tank Tops are Not Permitted) 

  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian unless he/she is legal spouse.

  • Visitors must also not be under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol.

  •  Photo ID is required for visitors 16 years old and older.

*Any person may be searched entering the facility in accordance of the Ohio Revised Code



Commissary Funds 

Money can be given to inmates for commissary purchases by anyone. Money goes towards Commissary Items, Jail Fees and Medical Fees.



Mail to inmates should have the inmate's name and our address on the envelope. Mail to inmates will be opened by Staff and checked for contraband. (Photos sent to inmates fall under the same guidelines as visitation)

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