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Updated: Feb 23

As of 02/22/2022 Darke County is NOT under any snow advisory level.


Please check back on this page, our Facebook page, or your trusted news sources for updates.

As a reminder, do not call the Darke County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center for snow advisory updates, as they could be busy taking emergency calls.


The Darke County Sheriff issues snow advisories to provide the public with information on the driving conditions on Darke County roadways during times of winter weather. Keep in mind that Darke County is 600 square miles and conditions in the city or village may vary vastly from those in the open, rural areas.

The citizens, businesses and employers of Darke County can use this information to make informed decisions on their need to travel or remain open for business. The Darke County Sheriff does not dictate which businesses, industries or schools are open or closed. The owners, managers and administrators make those decisions, likely based on a number of factors which include road conditions and weather forecasts.

The Darke County Sheriff sets the levels based on information coming from the National Weather Service, State, County and local road crews and public safety crews actively on the roadways. During extreme winter weather it is important to allow the road crews to clear the roads, with minimal obstructions and traffic, so that we may return to safe driving conditions sooner than later.


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