• DCSO


Updated: Mar 21

After taking some preliminary precautionary measures and applying some measures to protect the inmates, employees and applicants, Sheriff Spencer has decided to reinstate the process to issue CCW permits and Web Checks. If further restrictions are imposed by the Health Officials, this decision will be revisited.

We are asking that if anyone is experiencing any Illnesses to please wait until a later date to schedule an appointment.

Your current CCW permit will never expire, it only means that you cannot carry a concealed weapon any time after your 30-day grace period.

We will be as flexible as possible to meet your needs at obtaining or renewing your permit. But please be prepared to alter your plans should more restrictions be placed on us.

Should you show up for an appointment and are showing any signs of an illness we will immediately stop the process and not proceed with your permit. BE PREPARED to have a full medical screening done as you enter the Sheriff’s Office.

We are trying to be as considerate as we can to meet your needs, hope you will show the same consideration.

Starting Monday March 23rd, 2020 you may call 937-548-3399 to schedule an appointment. We will be limiting our appointment hours from 8AM to 11AM Monday thru Friday. Unfortunately, our very limited lobby space does not allow us to do walk-ins so appointments are necessary to not overcrowd our lobby.

Please be prompt for your appointment! Being late will probably result in rescheduling you for another day.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Sheriff Spencer